How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Attend The Design Gurus Summit

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The First Annual Design Gurus Summit features Lyft, Airbnb, Strava, Microsoft, Pandora and More… Tuesday, May 17, from 12:00 PM to 5:30 PM (PDT) San Francisco, CA. Click here for more info.

1. Be Enthusiastic: Simple, I know. But if you’re not excited about it, they won’t be excited about it. If you’re confident and have energy, your boss will be much more likely to agree to letting you go to the summit.

2. Email Them The Link First: Do not write a long email explaining why you want to go. Your boss does not have time to read it. Email them just the link in advance with a short note, so they can see all the great speakers. Be sure to use a descriptive subject line: Design Summit w/ Lyft, Airbnb, Strava, Microsoft, Pandora - Cheap Tickets Still Available. Your boss gets a ton of email, so don’t expect a response, but they will see the subject line. This way it won’t be a total surprise when you bring it up later.

3. Prepare: You need to prepare. You will need one or two reasons why it’s a good idea for you to go to the event. Remember, your boss wants you to be the best you. They just need to be convinced that you’re not wasting the company’s time. Here are a few good reasons to get you started:

  • Learn from the most creative people in Silicon Valley. Hear about their approach and that will save your company time and money in the future.
  • Meet and learn from industry peers. A lot of smart and talented people will be in the audience. You can also chat and learn from them.
  • Stay current with recent trends in design. Hear about the latest techniques top companies use to approach branding, product design and more.
  • It’s a cost-effective approach. TechCunch Disrupt charges a lot more and the speakers aren’t as a relevant. This is the only event of its kind.

4. Find The Right Time: Find them in the hall and ask them casually if you can attend. Do it early in the day, when your boss isn’t too tired and worn out. Also, mention the email you sent two days ago. Here is an example, “I just wanted to follow up on my email about the design summit. It’s only a half day event and I really wanted to see Frank Yoo, from Lyft speak.”

5. Buy Super Early Bird Tickets: There are still a few left. You can use this link to get an additional 20% off the list price. That’s only $68.00 per ticket and you’ll save the company lots of money.