How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Attend the Design Gurus Summit -- Part II

We had so much great feedback on our guide, How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Attend The Design Gurus Summit, that we decided to create a follow-up.

Our original guide was admittedly vague. It was based on a hypothetical boss persona. Let’s call it, The Generic Boss. That just didn’t cut the mustard for a lot of you. So, in order to provide you with more specific and actionable feedback, we’ve worked with a crack team of employment psychologists (actually we searched Wikipedia) to develop suggestions on how to convince specific boss types to let you attend the Design Gurus Summit.

Hopefully, you can identify your boss below. Then follow the instructions to get your ticket, pronto.

1. The Old School Boss: For these 9 to 5 company people it’s best to be formal. Make your request through the proper channel, like HR. Use their training budget to pay for your ticket to help with your career development.

2. The Cost Conscious Boss: Cost cutting and pricing is everything to them. Make it clear that the clock is ticking and ticket prices go way up in about 10 days. And that this small investment in you will pay dividends later.

3. The Buzzword Boss: Virtual reality. We got it. Branding in the 21st century. We got that as well. Product experience design inspiration for user research professionals. Yes. Make sure you drop enough of buzzwords to get them excited.

4. The Two Minute Boss: They are always in a rush and only have “two minutes” to chat while you follow them down the hall. Use those two minutes wisely. Get to the point. Tell them this is a must-attend event for design professionals. Be brief and succeed.

5. The Buddy Boss: They want to be your friend. So be friends. Go out for a coffee. Chat with them at Starbucks and let them know how fun the Design Gurus Summit will be. In fact, invite them along so they can be your buddy during the event.

6. The Perfectionist Boss: Since practice makes perfect, this boss should understand the value of training and education. Let them know that operational excellence comes from a solid foundation of constant learning, by attending the Design Gurus Summit.

8. The Clueless Boss: They are in over their head, and know it. But that’s fine. Be calm and patient. Let them know that all your duties will be accomplished in advance. And that you’re only a phone call away if needed that afternoon.

9. The Great Boss: They will understand the value of attending a thought leadership event and may even task you with finding one to attend each quarter. If they are a really great boss they will help groom you to be a speaker next year.