Not a Designer? Here’s Why You Should Attend the Design Gurus Summit

We’ve received a lot of positive feedback about the Design Gurus Summit, people are excited about it. But, we consistently get asked this one question, “The summit looks cool, but I am not a designer. What would I get out of this if I was to attend?”

In order to answer that question we created this simple four point guide:

If You’re a Senior Leader (Or Aspire to be One): Most product and marketing teams have designers on that team. Insight into what they do will be invaluable if you’re ever tasked with managing designers. You will also want to know more about design as it will improve your ability to influence the development of a great product and brand. It will help you deliver a superior user experience through all your marketing efforts.

If You’re a Founder: You will need great designers on your team. User experience design is no longer an afterthought, today it’s an essential element to high-tech product success. Even B2B products need to incorporate great user experience design. It’s not enough to just put a skin on the software your development team creates. A carefully developed user-centric interface and brand are essential to success today.

If You’re in a Different Functional Area: The more knowledge and experience that you can accumulate related to business, the more valuable you will be to both current and future employers. A good understanding of product design, branding and how to deliver a great user experience are important to most functions. All VP level executives must have at least a basic understanding of this area in order to be successful in the long term.

If You’re Just a Fan of Design: Maybe you don’t fit into any of these categories? Maybe you have some other reason for attending we can’t identify? Great, we’re happy that you’re coming along for the ride.

See You at The Summit,

Gregory Kennedy, Co-Founder of Uncharted Minds