Is Virtual Reality Finally a Reality?

Meet Virtual Reality Experts From Unity, LucidVR, WEVR and Presence Capital

No other technology has seen so many false starts and fleeting moments of success in Silicon Valley. Movies from the brilliant, like Avatar, to fan favorites, like Lawnmower Man have romanticized the technology for the past 20 years. Trendy VR-inspired products like Second Life saw rapid adoption, only to pop along with the real world bubble in 2009.

Today, the breakout success of Pokemon Go and a new selection of home VR entertainment devices are set to once again usher in a new era of excitement in virtual and augmented reality. Our panel of experts will give their perspective on this wave of VR innovation and what it means for entertainment, media, marketing and more.

Our Panel of Experts Include:

Sylvio Drouin, Unity

Han Jin, Lucid VR

Amitt Hahajan, Presence Capital

Tony Parisi, WEVR

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016
6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (PDT) San Francisco, CA

At WeWork SOMA, 156 2nd St, San Francisco, CA 94105