An Open Call for Speakers for Our Disruption in Transportation Panel @ WeWork Transbay

For our next panel, we're kicking off an open call for speakers. If you know someone that you think could be a great fit, please email us. The event details are below.

Disruption in Transporation: It's Going to be Different Getting Around in the 21st Century

Date and Time: Wednesday, November 30th, 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Location: WeWork Transbay

Self-driving cars, ridesharing, the hyperloop and massive investments in bicycle infrastructure are all culminating into significant disruption in transportation. And it's happening at a global level. In the 20th Century, the car was arguably one of the most disruptive innovations ever. It changed everything about how we live, shop, eat, work and transformed how we build cities.

Today, a wide variety of technologies and transportation options are set to further disrupt a basic need in our society, getting around. On this panel, we will hear from experts who share their insights into how disruption in transportation will change our daily lives. Learn what the implications are for business, work, shopping and even real estate prices.

What People Say About Uncharted Minds

"Uncharted Minds cuts right to it - what is happening today and what will happen tomorrow, with the players who are shaping the future."

— Panelist, Sasha Orloff, LendUp

"Uncharted Minds is what this industry needs more of — a forum for open, honest discussion, with the risk of audience participation."

— Panelist, Keenan Cummings, Airbnb

"They put knowledgeable panelists in front of a highly engaged audience, which makes for an evening that’s informative and entertaining."

— Panelist, Tina Crawford, Clif Bar & Company