10 Reasons to Attend the Second Annual Design Gurus Summit

It was standing room only at last year's Summit.

It was standing room only at last year's Summit.

You’re probably sitting at your computer reading through all the emails and materials we sent to you, trying to decide if it’s worth it to attend the Design Gurus Summit this year.

It may not be a question of cost, but about determining if this is worth your time. Attending requires you to be out of the office for a full day, plus travel time. However, at Uncharted Minds we know it’s worth it, which is why we’ve put together a top 10 list to help you decide if you and your team should attend the Second Annual Design Gurus Summit.

  1. Trevor Hubbard is speaking. He is a multi-award winning creative director and founder of Butchershop Creative in San Francisco. Their list of clients includes companies like HotelTonight, the recently public Okta, Zuora, SAP Ventures, and Levis. Trevor was a panelist at last year’s Design Gurus Summit. His genuine presentation style, sense of humor and out-of-bounds creative thinking impressed us so much that we asked him back to give a keynote this year. Be prepared to be blown away by reading the Q&A he did for Uncharted Minds last year.
  2. We secured a phenomenal space. We’ve upgraded significantly to the JCCSF’s Kanbar Hall, a world-class facility with a renowned audio visual team and desk seating for up to 200 people. The experience for both attendees and speakers will be top notch. Oh, and unlike last year, lunch will be served.
  3. More for your money. It’s a full-day event for almost the same price as last year. This year the Design Gurus Summit is a full-day of networking, talks, and panels with Silicon Valley’s most creative people. It will open your horizons and educate you on the latest trends in user experience design, branding, and creativity.
  4. An O’Reilly author, Jorge Arango is speaking. Live and direct from the series of books that you know and love. I have seen copies of O’Reilly books propping up computer monitors or lying half open on web developers’ desk throughout my entire career. We are lucky to have secured the author of the O’Reilly book titled, Information Architecture for the Web and Beyond. He is also a partner at Futuredraft in Oakland and his agency's clients include Facebook, Google, Chase and Charles Schwab.
  5. If you’re not a designer, you don’t want to fall behind on the latest design trends. Learn about conversational user interfaces, chatbots, and design for 3-D environments. While it may be obvious how this is important to consumer-focused companies who are in touch with the needs of their customers, the user experience is now an essential component to the success of B2B products, since more and more adoption now happens virally.
  6. Recruit great people for your team, startup or agency. Do you want the best and brightest? Do you want people who are motivated and talented? You will find them here. Anyone that attends our summit is clearly a driven and dedicated individual who understands that a career is a never ending journey of self-improvement. Our attendees are also polite, attractive, well groomed, articulate and fun at cocktail parties (yes, this last line is a joke).
  7. It’s cost-effective. We work hard to keep prices down and the content quality high. It’s no small challenge. Most other events of this type charge at least twice as much. We don’t. We’re dedicated to bringing this experience to our community at a price point that the average employee can afford on their own.
  8. Tickets started selling before we even announced any speakers. It’s true. They did. Why? Our audience knows the great lengths we will go to find the best speakers and put together a program that is both entertaining and educational.
  9. We will have a robot on stage. Adrian Canoso, head of product and design at Savioke, the creator of the first autonomous delivery robot called Relay. The robot will make an appearance during Adrian’s fireside chat with yours truly, Gregory Kennedy the co-founder of Uncharted Minds.
  10. Build your network and reputation with Silicon Valley’s most creative people. Networking is an essential part of growing a career. If you want more tips on how to improve your networking skills and get more from the events you attend, read our guide to networking here.
  11. Bonus! You can expect a lot more amazing speakers. We’re just getting started. Expect more announcements as we bring on great speakers.

And if you want to apply for a team discount, get in touch. The Second Annual Design Gurus Summit will take place on Tuesday, September 19 from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM in San Francisco, click here for 20% off tickets.

See you at the Summit.

Gregory Kennedy

Co-Founder, Uncharted Minds