Want to get over 1,000 upvotes on Product Hunt?

Come ask one of our panelists on April 25th. They all represent applications with over a 1,000 Upvotes on Product Hunt. Find out how they did it.

We’ve gone to great lengths to find the crème de la crème of top Makers. Come and listen to them discuss the state of the startup world and take questions from the audience.

And just because we’re nice people, we are also raffling off two FREE pairs of Snapchat Spectacles at this event. You must be present to win! Join us for the networking and stay for the free swag.

Tuesday, April 25th, from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Featuring (in order of Product Hunt upvotes)

Duet Display — Upvotes: 2448

It’s amazing that this app doesn’t already exist? If you want to turn your iPad into a second screen for your laptop, Duet Display is the answers. Meet the founder and CEO, Rahul Dewan. This app is one of the most popular applications on Product Hunt and has been featured in TechCrunch, Forbes, Business Insider and more.

Aye Moah, Chief of Product, Boomerang — Upvotes: 2006

Yes, it’s that Chrome plugin that you and your team love. And their AI offering called respondable, is knock-your-sock-off awesome. Meet the co-founder and Chief of Product, Aye Moah who helped create one of the most popular productivity apps for Gmail and Outlook ever, enabling millions of people to email more effectively.

Mike Melanin, President, Statsbot.co — Upvotes: 1426

Funded by Slack, 500startups, and even Google’s former CEO, Eric Schmidt. This is the analytics bot with every feature you always wanted, but couldn’t find, until now. Meet the President of Statsbot.co Mike Melanin. His analytical bot is used by over 20,000 companies and allows teams on Slack, MS Teams, FB Workplace, and to monitor analytics from inside their favorite productivity tool. A Slack essential.

Andrew Ofstad, Co-Founder, Airtable — Upvotes: 1179

It’s a spreadsheet and project management tool, but for cool people. Seriously. You have to try it. Meet Andrew Ofstad the co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Airtable. Previously, he led the redesign of Google’s flagship Maps product, and before that was a product manager for Android. Andrew studied Electrical Engineering and Economics at Duke after a childhood in rural Montana.

Anna Vital, Founder, Adioma — Upvotes: 1119

Who doesn’t love inofraphics? In fact, if an event or trend is not transformed quickly into an infographic, does it even count as a trend? Meet Anna Vitalthe founder of Adioma, an online infographic maker. She started Adioma in 2016 to simplify the process of infographic creation. Before that, she has been an infographic author at Funders and Founders. Her infographic work is often featured in the media.

See you all there.

Gregory Kennedy, Co-Founder, Uncharted Minds